Griechenland Links zur Wahl

For the first time in a long time, a radical left wing party has real chances to win an election in Europe. Here’s a list of links (thank, you, Marga) for everyone interested in following tomorrow´s greek elections using more sources than the usual media; alternative international and greek news-sites in several languages.


Journalists-Cooperative from Greece:

Radio-Station Website from Athens (SYRIZA-context)

Poulantzas Institut backround-analysis-website

Australian lefitsts reporting from Athens


Blockypy Acitivists

Austrian Blog

und: Griechenland entscheidet auf Facebook



and who ever wants to look at the winning party:

We start from Greece – We change Europe

Create an international solidarity campaign of hope against fear

Dear All

The forthcoming elections in Greece promise a hopeful New Year start. The ‘panic’ over the weakest link named Greece haunts once more the European (and not only) elites. Even more so, as the possibility for a break with the Troika regime and austerity in Greece seems more viable than ever.

As soon as the collapse of the pro-Troika (conservatives and social-democrats) coalition government appeared, few weeks ago, the threats and blackmails against the Greek people started again. The reassurement that the EU (and global) markets are protected by the effects of a change in Greece, do not suffice to ease the political threat such a change signals for the dominant status quo. The rhetoric of “success story” and “GRecovery” were immediately substituted by direct interventions and “alarming” statements. Financial and political officials re-launched the scenario of a “GRexit” and of a possible (Troika-driven) bank-run, as well as suggestions to the Greek electorate to behave within the framework of the bailout policies (W. Schäuble) by preferring (voting) the familiar faces of the pro-Troika parties (P. Moscovici). Fear is changing sides but the conflict is expected long and fierce.

In the context of crisis, Greece has been used as the testing ground for the deepening of neoliberal restructuring and austerity regime throughout Europe. But also Greece has emerged as a paradigm of resistance. The multiform and protracted struggles of its people both obstructed the implementation of such policies and gave life to new forms of grass-root organizations, solidarity and social participation. These efforts were met with the generous mobilization of movements around the world that have shown their persistent solidarity. This enabled the Greek society to stand up with dignity against the social catastrophy that brought it to the point of humanitarian crisis, and to emerge as lethal threat to the Troika regime, sending a message all-over Europe. Those responsible for the current situation know it only too well, and do their best, in unison, to save their interests by holding on to power by any means. Weiterlesen