Best Picture Noms of 1962 vs. 2010

I was lis­ten­ing to a recent All Things Con­sid­ered episode on NPR the oth­er night about basi­cal­ly how shit­ty this year’s Oscar nom­i­nees are (agreed, espe­cial­ly con­sid­er­ing it’s 5 more than the usu­al) com­pared to 1962’s Oscars, a year that SHOULD have had 10 nom­i­nees. And no I haven’t, nor do I EVER plan on see­ing The Blind Side, but I can’t help but think that despite how amaz­ing San­dra Bullock’s per­for­mance might have been (total­ly doubt­ful), the bot­tom line is, she’s nom­i­nat­ed and these films WERE NOT. Dig:

1962 Oscar noms:

* Lawrence of Ara­bia (win­ner)
* The Longest Day
* The Music Man
* Mutiny on the Boun­ty
* To Kill a Mock­ing­bird

Oth­er Films of Note in ‘62 (NOT NOMINATED):

* The Manchuri­an Can­di­date (Sina­tra!)
* Bird­man of Alca­traz
* Dr. No (k not quite Oscar-wor­thy but it’s the first ever Bond film!)
* What­ev­er Hap­pened to Baby Jane?
* Divorce, Ital­ian Style (Mar­cel­lo Mas­troian­ni!)
* The Man Who Shot Lib­er­ty Valance (Ford/Wayne/Stewart/Marvin!!!)
* Last Year at Marien­bad (Resnais!)
* Long Day’s Jour­ney into Night (Lumet!)
* Vivre sa vie (Godard!)
* Jules et Jim (Truf­faut!!)
* Loli­ta (Kubrick!!!)
* Advise and Con­sent (Pre­minger) (Total­ly biased side­note: Saul Bass’ titles and poster work alone should be Oscar-wor­thy)
* Cape Fear (not real­ly Oscar-wor­thy com­pared to the oth­er films, but still, I con­sid­er this a clas­sic and I real­ly dug Dis­trict 9 and all, but clas­sic you are not)

Hate to be all “get off my lawn” old-timey movie per­son here, but seri­ous­ly. OTTO PREMINGER, STANLEY KUBRICK, ALAIN RESNAIS, JOHN FORD, FRANCOIS TRUFFAUT, JOHN FRANKENHEIMER, SIDNEY LUMET, all these dudes…not even nom­i­nat­ed in ‘62.

Just. Say­ing.

(via Wax­in’ and Milkin’)

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