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Griechenland Links zur Wahl

For the first time in a long time, a rad­i­cal left wing par­ty has real chances to win an elec­tion in Europe. Here’s a list of links (thank, you, Mar­ga) for every­one inter­est­ed in fol­low­ing tomorrow´s greek elec­tions using more sources than the usu­al media; alter­na­tive inter­na­tion­al and greek news-sites in sev­er­al lan­guages.


Jour­nal­ists-Coop­er­a­tive from Greece:

http://www.thepressproject.net/ [1]

Radio-Sta­tion Web­site from Athens (SYRIZA-con­text)

http://www.stokokkino.com/ [2]

Poulantzas Insti­tut back­round-analy­sis-web­site

www.analyzegreece.gr [3]

Aus­tralian lefit­sts report­ing from Athens

http://left-flank.org/ [4]


Block­ypy Aci­tivists

http://block­upy-goes-athens.tumblr.com/ [5]

Aus­tri­an Blog

www.mosaik-blog.at [6]

und: Griechen­land entschei­det auf Face­book https://www.facebook.com/griechenlandentscheidet?fref=nf [7]


https://www.diagonalperiodico.net/global/25434-tres-primerisimas-impresiones-atenas.html [8]


http://atenecalling.org/ [9]

and who ever wants to look at the win­ning par­ty:

http://syriza.net.gr/index.php/en/ [10]